Stationary batteries

The name says that self-stationary batteries are designed for standby or stationary applications. They are used as a backup battery in the event of a power outage. There are many applications that are too important and should not be without power: think hospitals, alarm systems, servers, communication systems, etc.

We only offer fixed batteries in maintenance-free versions. As these batteries are usually located in separate rooms, maintenance would soon be forgotten and, moreover, these batteries have a long lifespan.

We offer, among other things, the following references IN: DGY12-80EV: DGY12-60EV; DGY12-110EV; DGY12-200EV; BED/D12-7.5; BED/D12-24: BED/D12-16G: BED/D12-30: DAS12-7.5: DAS 12-33; DAS 12-9; DAS 12-7.5; DAB 12-7.5; DAB 12-80; DAB 8-160; DAB 6-200: NIFe 150-S; NIFe40-S

Pure lead

  • Exceptional PSOC cyclical performance 1200 cycles – 60DoD
  • Ultra-fast charging
  • 2 years of conservation
  • Carbon lead added to negative electrodes increases power and reduces sulphate
  • Operating temperature -40C to 65C
  • Advanced design of 3-stage terminals to ensure leak-free operation, brass terminals offer maximum performance
  • Unlimited between drawers – no battery change required


  • Pure lead batteries (at 99.99!)
  • Maintenance-free AGM battery
  • No use of additives, such as calcium or antimony
  • Less corrosion and gas in the battery – reduced water consumption
  • Pure lead works with thinner grids, so no more plates in the battery!
  • Can be unloaded and charged for short periods with a strong current.
  • A small amount of tin added to pure lead technology improved the load characteristic.
  • Copper (brass) bollards provide good performance.
    Approved “non-hazardous” for transport by road, air and sea.


  • A long life in floating (the battery life floating under a continuous charge depends on the frequency and depth of discharge, the charge voltage and the ambient temperature).
  • Higher energy density
  • Long conservation
  • High performance
  • Minimal gassing: The battery drains almost zero.
  • Very low unloading
  • Lower temperatures: The loss of capacity is less than a conventional battery.
  • More resistant to higher temperatures
  • The plates are closer to each other: minimal “internal cell” resistance.


  • Longer lifespan: up to 4000 cycles (80 D.o.D., depending on
  • High energy density
  • Excellent performance during charging and discharge
  • Lowering self-discharge
  • Unlimited between drawers – no battery change required
  • Lightweight


  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology (AGM)
  • Lead batteries closed
  • Cheaper than GEL batteries
  • Better performance with shorter duration/discharge
    higher current
  • A smaller battery can be used for a more
  • Batteries can be installed in all positions
  • Up to 500 cycles


  • Longer lifespan: up to 700 cycles
  • Completely recovers from deep discharges, even when the battery is not recharged immediately
  • Ideal for cyclical use with daily loads/discharges
  • Perfect performance with long-lasting discharges
  • Best file in high-temperature applications
  • No sulphate (stratification) possible thanks to frost
  • Limited self-discharge
  • Better accept the load thanks to the lower internal resistance
  • Can be unloaded, even if it is not fully loaded, without loss of capacity
  • No maintenance

OPzS and OPzV

  • Long-term life cycle:
  • OPzS: 2500 cycles (55 D.o.D.)
  • OPzV: 2500 cycles (60 D.o.D.)
  • Excellent performance and reliability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Space optimization
  • Operational security
  • Full battery solution
  • Flexibility
  • Total cost of ownership


  • Long-term life cycle:
  • RES OPzS: up to 2300 cycles for 2V cells and 2000 cycles for 6V and 12V (60 DoD) blocks
  • RES OPzV: up to 2500 cycles for 2V cells and 2000 cycles for 6V and 12V (60 DoD) blocks
  • Excellent performance and reliability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Operational security
  • Complete and flexible battery solution
  • Total cost of optimal ownership

NiFe Alcaline

  • Environmental protection
  • Longer lifespan: More than 20 years
  • Better for abnormal operation
  • Extreme conditions without a problem
  • High/low temperature without problem
  • Cells 1.2V
  • Up to 2500 cycles (70 D.o.D.)



  • Lifespan
  • Profitability, value for money
  • Environmental protection (no lead, cadmium or acid), recyclable
  • No risk of fire or overheating
  • Increased safety and reliability without maintenance
  • Good load report
  • Easy to transport and install in difficult conditions
  • No corrosion, no risk of dangerous leakage


  • Powerful security for critical applications
  • Building of the future
  • Reliable in all circumstances
  • Known costs and long lifespan
  • Adjusting the battery is easy
  • Original equipment or replacement
  • Up to 2500 cycles (60 D.o.D.)

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