Cyclic batteries

Cyclic batteries can withstand many deep discharges. This makes cyclic batteries ideal for forklifts, industrial cleaning machines…
In the category of cyclic batteries, we distinguish open lead acid batteries and maintenance-free batteries.

We offer, among other references: GC2-HD: 8VGC; 12VGC; T 105; T875; T 1275: CR 220 HD: CR 250; CR 190; GC-CR150; CR240HD: CR 390 HD; 6PZS 195: 4PZS75: 3PZS180

Open Lead Acid Batteries

2V Traction

  • Full range of DIN and British Standard cells
  • Options: automatic filling system, acid circulator, level indicator and data recorder
  • Resilient plastic box
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Competitive price

Monobloc traction

  • High-quality tubular construction with free electrolyte
    ensures a long lifespan
  • High flow discharged
  • Perfect solution for applications used under conditions
    hard work
  • Reliable and durable
  • Up to 1200 cycles


  • Wider plates
  • Radial geometry grids
  • Active material with a specific composition that can withstand
    cyclical discharges
  • Grids with Pb/Sb/Sn/As/Se composition which improves corrosion resistance and allows better contact between active ingredients
  • Micro-porous rubber and glass wool separators to avoid the loss of active ingredients
  • Up to 300 cycles

US Deep Cycle

  • Open lead batteries
  • Deep discharges
  • Up to 1000 cycles depending on the model

Maintenance-free batteries

Carbon lead

  • Maintenance-free alternative for AGM and GEL
  • Best cycle life:> 1300 cycles (70 DoD) and up to 1000 cycles with 80 DoD
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures (extreme)
  • Favorable price
  • Charge time: Charge time is shorter than AGM
  • Lead-carbon batteries can be used perfectly with good performance without being charged to 100

Cyclical gel

  • Longer lifespan: up to 700 cycles
  • Completely recovers from deep discharges, even when the battery is not recharged immediately
  • Ideal for cyclical use with daily loads/discharges
  • Perfect performance with long-lasting discharges
  • Best file in high-temperature applications
  • No sulphate (stratification) possible thanks to frost
  • Limited self-discharge
  • Better accept the load thanks to the lower internal resistance
  • Can be unloaded, even if it is not fully loaded, without loss of capacity
  • No maintenance

AGM Cyclic

  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology (AGM)
  • Lead batteries closed
  • Cheaper than GEL batteries
  • Better performance with shorter duration/higher current discharge
  • A smaller battery can be used for a higher discharge
  • Batteries can be installed in all positions
  • Up to 500 cycles

Pure lead

  • Exceptional PSOC cyclical performance 1200 cycles – 60DoD
  • Ultra-fast charging
  • 2 years of conservation
  • Carbon lead added to negative electrodes increases power and reduces sulphate
  • Operating temperature -40C to 65C
  • Advanced design of 3-stage terminals to ensure leak-free operation, brass terminals offer maximum performance
  • Unlimited between drawers – no battery change required


  • Longer lifespan: up to 4000 cycles (80 D.o.D., depending on the model)
  • High energy density
  • Excellent performance during charging and discharge
  • Lowering self-discharge
  • Unlimited between drawers – no battery change required
  • Lightweight

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